Fish Eye Marine Park is full of the wonders of the South Pacific Islands
and a popular tourist site attracting over 180,000 visitors annually.
The underwater observatory built in the Piti Bomb Hole Marine Preserves is
home to an abundance of fishes and marine life.
The outdoor restaurant theater is set in a tropical atmosphere
surrounded by natural flora with a man-made lagoon and waterfall.
Marine activities may be enjoyed in the brilliant sea during the day
and an authentic and exciting Polynesian Dinner Show at night.

2016 Summer Campaign!

50% off for children’s Snorkeling Tour and Dinners Show “Touch” course !

*Duration:              July 21 to August 31, 2016 (tour participation date)
*Applicable Tours:   Snorkeling Tours (all courses) and Polynesian Dinner Show “Touch” Course
*Details:                 Children (6 to 11 years old) will receive 50% off the regular price for the applicable tours

- Snorkeling Only course:                                                 $10.00 !  (Regular price $20.00)

      - Snorkeling + Underwater Observatory Viewing (no lunch): $11.00 !  (Regular price $22.00)
  • - Snorkeling + Underwater Observatory Viewing + Lunch:    $15.00 !  (Regular price $30.00)
  • - Polynesian Dinner Show “Touch” Course”                          $27.00 !  (Regular price $54.00)

Lucky Dolphin & Fish Campaign!

SPECIALLY for customers who make reservations via our website!

Receive a free ice cream ($3.00 value) during lunch, when you present a clothing or accessory with a picture or illustration of a dolphin or fish!

*Duration:              July 21 to August 31, 2016 (tour participation date)
*Applicable Tours:   Participants of: Snorkeling Tour w/ Lunch Course

Dolphin Tour w/ Lunch Course
*Remarks:              This promotion is also applicable for “Early Bird Discount” customers.
Even if only 1 person in your group fulfills this requirement, everyone in your group will receive a free ice cream. 

Website Renewal Campaign!
“Early Bird Discount Price” is now available.

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