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Sitting on the shore of the Piti Bay is an Underwater Observatory and Fish Eye Visitor Center located along the rustic cliff line that skirts northern Piti village. Micronesia's first and only underwater observatory is constructed to show the world the island's beautiful undersea wonders. Nowadays over 180,000 people visit Underwater Observatory every year.
Guam has one of the most diverse coral reef systems in the world. Dating back 42 million years, Guam's reefs harbor more fish than any other location in the United States. There are 900 estimated species found in these waters.
Especially in the area of Piti Bomb Holes which designated as a marine preserve, the site of the Fish Eye Marine Park and Underwater Observatory, attracts many of these species to live and breed. Through the park facility, it is hoped that world of Guam's great plethora of fish and marine life will become known and appreciated by a worldwide following.
The park's staff is highly motivated to educate the youth of Guam and all visitors about the world of the ocean and about nature in general. The park hosts many programs to schools and youth organizations to ensure that this goal will become a reality. The Marine Park also has as a goal the preservation of corals and the creation of nurturing opportunities for the Guam coral community. Much study and care was undertaken in building the observatory on the coral reef of the Piti Bomb Holes.
It is also the goal of the Marine Park to contribute to Guam's economy through the promotion of tourism facilities and increased tourism. Guam is a world-class tourist destination. The visitor industry is Guam' s number one product, creating many jobs and supporting a number of civic and community needs. Through reasonable prices and by providing quality entertainment and education, the Fish Eye Marine Park takes the forefront in aiding Guam's job market and economy.
To Show, Preserve, Educate and Promote is the Fish Eye Marine Park's mission. As a leader in providing everyone with the opportunity to enjoy and learn more about the incredible world of the tropical coral reef, Fish Eye continues to promote a harmonious existence between humans and nature through education and appreciation. This foundation will provide a better tomorrow for generations to come.
Satoru Kawanami
Fish Eye Marine Park